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Saturday, November 10


Before tonight, I had never been to roller derby. Same went for Stinky. Scott, being old (old guys rule!), remembers watching it on TV. So he, and a couple of other friendly spectators kept us in the loop so we (sort of) knew what was going on.

Stinky's impression: It's loud. It's real loud.

That kid is going to be in trouble the first time he sets foot in a nightclub. Good thing that's more than a few years away.

My impression: It's fun to watch, but complicated. I am hooked on the silly in between stuff they have during baseball games and other sporting events. Yeup, give me a good chicken dance and I will be happy! There is none of that in roller derby - they are way to serious for any chicken dancing nonsense. Which is saying a LOT for girls wearing black-and-pink corsets. So it was a little mentally exhausting for me. But darn, those roller girls work hard. Especially the ref skating around the outer boundary. She was FAST!

Will we go again? Possibly. We'll see....

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