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Saturday, November 24


As per usual, I didn't leave the house on Black Friday. Which was absolutely fine with me. The kids were pretty tired from Thanksgiving so I got plenty of "work work" done, and a little around the house, too.

Today we ventured out into the big bad world again. We got a couple of Christmas gifts purchased, including Scott's and my "together gift" to each other. It wasn't too crowded, which was nice.

The turkey carcass is stewing into a nice homemade stock, so the house still smells like Thanksgiving. Mmmm...

Tonight, we are heading out to a nice dinner with friends at my favorite restaurant... Zydeco! It will be nice to have a break from cooking and leftovers.

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Live on the Fly said...

Zydeco - oh yummy! I hope you had the bbq shrimp. Nice to have a break from turkey, am I right?