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Friday, November 30


I don't like to shop.

Now... don't get me wrong. I like to buy. I really like to buy. It doesn't have to be for myself either. But shopping? Meh... not so much.

So this time of year my plastic and I visit several Internet shopping sites. This year I have been using eBates and will be looking for a healthy rebate check in the near future. I still got to shop at all my favorite "e-tailers", and they get to track my spending. As far as I am concerned it's not that much different from swiping my Fred Meyer or Albertson's loyalty cards, right? And if I'm on the Internet I am pretty sure that Google knows everything I am doing anyways. At least this way I am getting paid to let them snoop.

Also... happy last day of NaBloPoMoFo. I managed to post... something... every day this month, so even if I don't win anything, I am a winner... right?!

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