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Monday, December 17


Tragedy struck when Boo recently discovered that she outgrew her favorite boots from last year. Luckily we recently got a decent coupon for a local shoe store, so we were able to go boot shopping. Poor kid takes after me and has feet that vaguely resemble skis, so it was a challenge. After some trial and error Boo found those perfect boots, just in time for her school's Winter Music concert!

Aren't they nice? They looked great with her dress, and also look super cute with jeans. I think she'll be living in these for a few months.

Elise, do you approve? ;)


Live on the Fly said...

Just one question: Do they come in my size???????? I LUV Boo's taste, that girl got it goin' on!

Wendy said...

I love those!

Occidental Girl said...

Tres magnifique! Beautiful. I love getting new clothes/shoes for kids, but it's hard when you HAVE to get them new things to replace those they've grown out of. Especially when they love them.