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Sunday, December 16


Happy birthday, QP!!!

Yeup, we are now living with a "real, live" teenager. Can you imagine how dumb Scott and I are getting? Since he is slightly older apparently I have a bit of an advantage... but not much.

Anyhoo, after she tore her way through a mountain of birthday loot we took the kids out for some ice skating fun. 7th Mountain is a great place to take the kids because there is a nice, warm bar where adults can stay warm while the kids skate. It has windows facing right out to the ice rink so you can watch them and laugh hysterically every time they fall on their butts. :) Actually, they didn't fall that much. Boo was a little nervous but she got a lot of help at first. Soon they were all racing around and around the rink. They skated for almost 2 hours, and I got tired just from watching them!

QP's friend Miss M came along, and also spent the night. For future all you parents out there, I highly recommend skating in conjunction with a sleepover. Because the kids involved actually SLEEP after slipping, sliding, and landing on the ice rink. They woke up a little sore with some bumps and bruises, but happy.

Happy #13 kiddo!

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Little Things said...

A real live teenager! EEK!! Happy birthday to QP!