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Saturday, January 26


The Safeway at 3rd and Franklin had the Abyss today, so if you are still looking that would be a good start. I picked up a few bottles - at $9.50 each this is something that I will save for a special occasion to savor!

As long as I'm on the subject of beer... Scott's first batch was ready for tasting last week. It's a little flat but otherwise very good. Brewing is quite an adventure and a lot of work - but I think he had a good time with it and is looking forward to starting another batch soon.

Don't forget to stop by the library book sale today, anytime before 4pm! The girls and I escaped with a large box of mostly kids' titles for ten bucks.


mizinformation said...

oh, jeff's been really into the homebrewing lately too--I've been surprised at how good they've actually been

Live on the Fly said...

I got my two bottles! I felt like sush a lush... buying beer before noon - ha!