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Sunday, February 10


Blowing out the candles
Blowing out the candles
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Every once in a while, parents have to punt.

You know what I mean... you make a plan. And it's a good one, that everyone is excited about and buys into. But then something unexpected happens, and you make do. You quickly find alternatives before a situation deteriorates into tears or tantrums. You do your best to keep a smile on your face, because if your child saw your true emotions it would all be over.

For example, after weeks of snowy and cold weather you arrive at the skating rink for your child's birthday party... and the rink looks more like a swimming pool because of a sudden "warm snap".

That's right, Boo's ice skating party was a bust. I was a little worried when I saw that it was nearly 50 degrees outside but figured since we had a reservation that we would have heard from the rink if it was closed. But somehow they lost my phone number, and we were greeted by apologetic and frantic rink staff. The kids carried the party goods back to the car while I talked about options at the resort with the rink staff. They gave us a big stack of free skating passes for the guests. And then I sat down to think. There was a snowman festival going on, but we hadn't asked anyone to bring snow clothes so I was hesitant to take the kids over there and risk colds. Finally, we agreed that the best course of action would be to take everyone to a local pizza place. We called ahead and they had tables set up and pizzas ready when we arrived. I think we lost a few guests because of the change in location, which was sad. Through the whole experience Boo was a trooper, and even though I could tell she was disappointed I think she was happy with how her party turned out.

The kids had fun in the play area, and Boo had a good time with her guests. She loved handing out goody bags, passing out cake, and opening presents. I think one of her favorite things about having a party is giving everyone a goody bag. She always puts a lot of thought into what she thinks her guests would like to have. They always have a splash of her personality so you know who it came from. From the stuffed monkeys to the hot chocolate to the silly straws, the goodies were definitely fun and memorable. I hope the kids enjoy them as much as Boo enjoyed shopping for them.

Happy birthday, Boo! I can't believe you are a big 9-year old already. You are such a great kid, almost always positive and upbeat. Your smile and hugs make any day brighter. Your silliness and sense of humor keep us smiling back at you. I hope you never stop dancing, laughing, tumbling, and loving. I love you bunches!

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Live on the Fly said...

Sounds like it was still a blast for a party! Just think how flexible Boo will be when she gets older. Learning to go with the flow and appreciate the adventure only comes from experience. Happy Birthday, Boo! Aquarians rock!