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Monday, February 11


There are many "dictionary" definitions for the word symposium. This one is my favorite:
(in ancient Greece and Rome) a convivial meeting, usually following a dinner, for drinking and intellectual conversation.
And... it best fits an upcoming event that everyone out there in blogland should consider attending! I have met many of you IRL, and have made some very good friends through this blog. This is a nice chance for all of us to gather, and put some faces together with the blogs.

Central Oregon Blogger Meet-up
Feb 21, 5:30ish at the Blacksmith (happy hour, woot!), Downtown Bend
RSVP to Shannon at shanlee at

Keep in mind, this is intended for bloggers who wish to meet other bloggers. If you don't have a blog, then this may not be the get-together for you. So, if you just can't stand not being there and don't already have a blog... what are you waiting for?!

1 comment:

mizinformation said...

I'm very sad that I will be in Corvallis that night :(

I hope there's a repeat!