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Thursday, March 20


I'll bet you've had one of those weeks, too. Things don't necessarily go badly, just not as planned, and frequently enough that you wonder if there's something in the air. At work, this week has been just busy enough that I have things to do, but not busy enough that it went by as quickly as I would like. At home, it seems like something came up every night so far, and there just hasn't been a chance to relax as much as I would like.

And it felt like no matter what else was going on there was always someone who "needed" me. Boo needed me to take her to gymnastics, and then stay to watch. Stinky and Q.P. needed me to watch their orchestra concert. Stinky needed me to help him with a little business he is trying to start (helping out the neighbors) to raise money for the evil genius camp he wants to attend this summer. Scott needed me to get him a beer. You get the picture. It's nice to be needed and all, but enough already!

So tonight I decided to take some "me" time. And what did I do? I got my hair cut. Nothing dramatic, just a couple of inches off the bottom to keep it healthy. My normal hair gal has been on hiatus for a while, and it was definitely needed. Unfortunately it didn't go quite as I planned. (The experience, not the cut.) Probably partly because I didn't plan it at all, I just decided it was time. I really enjoy the whole "getting the hair done" experience from the wash to the blow dry. But since I didn't plan, I went to a walk-in place. And while she did exactly what I wanted (and did it well) the whole thing took maybe about 15 minutes. Which was not nearly long enough.

Ah well, par for the course I guess. At least I have tomorrow off and we have some fun weekend plans. Things are definitely looking up, and I am on my way out of this rut!


Live on the Fly said...

I hope three days off makes up for a weird week! Have fun, Jen!

simzgirl said...

Hey, it sounds like you need a pedicure! You just can't rush the polish drying no matter what happens! ;) Hope you get more "you" time!