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Wednesday, March 19


IntensityA few weeks ago we attended the kids' first orchestra concert. Last night (two weeks later to the day) we attended their second.

This was a little different, though. The evening was all about strings, and we got to see the intermediate and advanced groups perform too. The high school groups performed later but we left at intermission (at 8:30pm). As the "grand finale" for the middle schoolers the three groups joined together to perform "1812 Overture". The 6th graders stood in the back, and Stinky and Q.P. were next to each other.

Stinky held onto second chair for the 6th grade performance again! It's nice to see him doing well and thriving in a non-technical activity. (Though he keeps reminding me that music is all based on math, anyways.) He is planning to continue next year, and wants to audition for the advanced orchestra as an elective. I don't think Q.P. will continue, but there are lots of other choices so hopefully she will find something that is a better fit for her.

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Jake said...

My daughter's been to a few of my symphony concerts and now wants to start playing the violin. Next year (in the 3rd grade) she's elligible to join the Awesome After School Orchestra, which is put on by Parks and Rec and the symphony, and she's really excited about that.

Music is such a wonderful thing to do because you can do it for your entire life, and pretty much every community, big or small, has somebody you can play with. I hope he sticks with it!

And yes, music is basically math -- I can appreciate that as a geek, too. As you play more advanced stuff, the math just gets a bit more complicated.