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Wednesday, March 26


Right now, the kids are out of school for Spring Break. Which means I am trapped at home with the little rapscallions, trying to get my day job and my other job done. How do you think that's going? Yeah - you are probably right. Anyhoo, the "spring" in our "break" is not stopping the winter weather. It's still cold and crisp... and we got more SNOW!

Pinecones in the snow

Tulips in the snow

It wasn't much snow - barely half an inch. But it has been spitting flakes off and on all morning, so I am sure there is more to come. To celebrate our endless winter I am taking the kids to the pool so they can go swimming. Meanwhile I am going to find some coffee, maybe a cupcake, and some much needed "grownup time" with some girl friends.

And yes, it's an indoor pool. I'm not THAT mean. :P

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