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Wednesday, March 26


Hey there, how you doin'? Aren't you just the prettiest little cupcake? Why yes, I think you are!

I think I just found food Nirvana, in the form of late lunch and coffee at Nancy P's. First of all, the cupcakes. It's always better to start off with dessert, just to make sure you don't fill up with other food first! Now, which kind would you like? They have several varieties to choose from including carrot, red velvet, and assorted "junior" cupcakes. And then there is the goodness that is the Chocolate Puddle. It's like a oozy, gooey brownie that isn't baked quite through, with chocolate fudge filling. The Lego Lady got one and lorded it over us, oh man did it look good.

But oh my goodness, I knew I had found my new home away from home when I saw the Grilled Bacon, Tomato and Cheese sandwiches. And in case you were wondering, yes it was just as good as it sounds. Scratch that, it was even better than it sounds. If you like bacon and cheese, and have a few cholesterol points to spare (which I don't) I highly recommend it!

Don't forget the Strictly Organic coffee! I wonder if I can buy stock in Nancy P's? Or if they have a frequent buyer and addiction program? Now please excuse me while I sleep off my lovely lunch. Mmmm... happy tummy makes a happy Jen!


Shannon said...

That place is the bomb. I miss living blocks away.

Just remember, they are closed on Monday and Tuesday and only take cash.

Deby said...

I LOVE that place! Whenever Katya has a volleyball or b-ball tournament in Sisters or Prineville it is justification for a nice breakfast sandwich and coffee. I've eyed up their red velvet cupcake, but never indulged. I guess that I should!

They have started making pizza on Friday nights. Haven't tried it yet, but I want to.

Miss Julie - Chubby Mommy said...

yum. cupcakes.