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Saturday, May 10


While the "town hall meeting" was great, I will leave the political commentary to those who are better suited to writing about those topics. It's definitely not me - when I asked my kids if they knew anything about Barack Obama they thought he was a singer or a basketball player. Oops!

My favorite quote? Actually, from the child in front of me who during the National Anthem asked, "Is this his theme song?"

My least favorite moment? When taking questions from the audience someone actually asked after everything that happened with Michigan why not "just give Florida to Hillary". WTF?! With time for only a few questions why do people think this type of thing is funny or cool? Message to the idiot woman that did this: Thanks a lot for wasting everyone's time and making Bend look stupid. Because that's all you accomplished.

I did enjoy listening to Senator Obama's speech and his responses to the other, more intelligent, questions. But most of all I enjoyed the crowd. Overall it was a great group and everyone left excited and energized.

Take me to PROM!
I wonder what Michelle would think?

Corporate America

A popular T-shirt at the event

T-Shirt Guy The Wave
T-shirt guy, and doing "The Wave"

Ready for change?


Anonymous said...

How old are your kids?

Jen said...

Not old enough to vote, and not old enough to care about politics. Yet. :)

Keeneye said...

You took some great photos. I watched the rally on and personally thought he did a great job.

Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

I would have loved to see him -- I'm jealous you did! I had to go to Portland for my sister's baby shower.

Last time I was in Portland, Barack spoke in Salem. SOMEDAY I'll hear him speak!