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Tuesday, May 27


Since it's almost my birthday AND my name changed, I went to the DMV today to renew and update my license. They gave me this:

Yeup... it's a paper card. With a black & white photo and the word "INTERIM" stamped across it in huge letters. I also had to surrender my current/expiring plastic "permanent" license. The nice DMV lady warned me that only a friendly OREGON police officer will accept this flimsy paper card as ID. No one else is required to accept this as a legitimate form of identification. So if I am planning to fly, rent a car, purchase alcohol or cigarettes, or go to an R-rated movie I am SOL. Well, not completely, I have a passport so I can fly or rent a car. But no alcohol, cigarettes, out-of-state traffic stops, or "grownup" movies for me for the next couple weeks!

I wonder what will happen if I need to write a check, go to Costco, or am otherwise asked to provide ID? This should be an interesting little experience to see what I can and can't get away with. And Scott will have to buy his own Coors Light for now, since I still get carded! (Yes, now I am just bragging.) I wonder if I can convince him to pick up some groceries while he is out buying beer? (Kidding...) It's a good thing that there isn't a minimum cupcake age, or there would be some big trouble!

Here's some more information about Oregon's new "central issuance" and answers to some questions about temporary paper driver licenses. For example, What happens if my dog eats it? and What if it is confiscated by law enforcement?


p.s. The lovely art in the background is by Miss Boo. She was nice enough to hang out with me on Election night and decorated my office white board for me. Kind of reminds me of when I used to go into my mom's office to visit/irritate her and drew on her chalkboard... I was right about the same age too!


Keeneye said...

We implemented a house policy at our restaurant regarding the temporary licenses that we need a backup form of ID -- a credit, library, or Costco card with the same name on it.

I still don't understand the paper ID idea.

The Lady with a Cuppa said...

Welcome to the ranks of the Homeland Confused. Waiting for the mail to lose their license is ever so much efficient than giving it to person standing in front of them with proof from their own mail box + the certified birth certificate + a note from their boss, a notarised adfidavit from their 1st grade teacher, a letter of introduction from their congressman, . . . sigh. i'm not bitter, really.

monkeyinabox said...

I'd be careful, sounds like without a real ID you are only two-steps away from making a blunder and being exported to Kazakhstan.

minkz said...

Oh I am so glad this was not the policy when I went in for my license last spring. A dog would eat it in our house no doubt. Ironically some guy stopped me this morning needing directions to the DMV even though he commented to living here for 50 years. Go figure.

Deby said...

Be sure and keep it out of the rain! One false move and you are getting deported for sure!!

Who was the moron that thought of that paper thing?

Occidental Girl said...

Uh, too many questions! :)

I like the kid artwork. Those are nice memories!

Shannon said...

I am the worst friend -- I forgot your birthday. Can you forgive me? I'll let you hold my baby?

Karrine said...

Hey here in Canada a Passport is considered ID, so if you really need to do those grown up things you could use your passport to rent a car and drive up here (or fly):)

I wanted to invite you to list at :)