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Saturday, May 31


Day two of our Ashland trip is in the books. It was very rainy so I didn't get many pictures today. I did get a nice shot of Stinky and his new friends though:
Stinky & friends
We got to go to a special dinner with some of the actors and staff of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Stinky was seated next to Christopher Rivera and they hit it off pretty well. Actually they spent most of dinner talking about "Family Guy". Boys are weird.

Since he had a play to go to (he is "Demetrius" in Midsummer Night's Dream), Chris had to leave dinner early but stayed long enough for me to snap a few photos of him with Stinky and another actor, Eddie Lopez (who played "Cobweb"). He also posed with my mom:
Cougar watch?

But... how was Midsummer? VERY good! Extremely good! Visually it was outstanding, and the interpretation was SO much fun. But not for the faint of heart. Some people told us ahead of time it was the "Rocky Horror" of OSF. Have you ever been to a play where some of the audience members dress up like their favorite characters? There were fairy wings and donkey ears on more than just stage. That's not enough? The fairies were all played by guys. And they were fairies. Geddit? Even if you don't like Shakespeare, you might like this play. And if you like Shakespeare, you might love this play. I had a BLAST. And Stinky found it amusing too.

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