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Sunday, June 1


We are home from our trip to Ashland! When we arrived the house was empty - the girls were playing at the park and Scott was wrapping up 36 holes of golf. Gave Stinky and me a couple of minutes to unload the car and shake off a loooong drive.

This morning after breakfast we said "goodbye" to Ashland and headed east on the Green Springs Highway. Stinky slept for the first part of the drive, until I stopped at Tub Springs to fill our water bottles.
Tub Springs

We stopped in Klamath Falls to visit Scott's folks (hi there!) and have some lunch. Stinky played pool with Scott's dad and I enjoyed chatting with Scott's mom and watching the birds in their yard. It was very nice to see them both! (I have to say that since they are reading this, heh!) :-)

The drive from Klamath to Bend was uneventful. The skies were sunny and clear, and Stinky fell back to sleep even before we got to Klamath Lake. I managed to get some pretty good "hold up the camera and hope" photos from the car, too!
Mt McLoughlin

It's good to be home!!!


Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip. I'm looking forward to my kids being old enough for adventures like that.

Deby said...

Welcome home! I love taking trips with my chitlins. Adventures are good for the soul. :)

Lucky said...

Hey, sorry I didn't call you back about being in town Sunday. We had a sick daughter and I hadn't had much sleep over a couple of days. Totally spaced it and felt really bad later on sunday. Hope you had fun!

Live on the Fly said...

Glad you're back and that Stinky had such a great time! Nice to have some alone time for you both, huh?