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Monday, June 9


When I was little my dad always wanted me to call him "pop". But I wouldn't do it - in my mind "pop" was something sweet and bubbly, or a goofy noise. He was always dad or daddy to me. Looking back he might have been a "pop" though, I just didn't realize it back then. Though he was often misunderstood he had sweet intentions. Around friends he was a charmer and had a bubbly personality. And was he ever proud of the goofy noises he could make!

Dad would have been 67 today. Scott and I went back to El Cap for our (now annual) birthday drinks, and raised our glasses "to Al!"

I miss you and love you every day. Happy Birthday, Pop.

1 comment:

Occidental Girl said...

That's a nice tribute, the anniversaries can be hard.

How long ago did your dad die? I'm sorry.