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Thursday, June 12


School's Out! I don't know about you but two of my least favorite words are "I'm Bored!" Lately I have been looking around to see what types of free activities are out there for the rug rats... and it turns out there is a lot going on for the kids in Bend this summer. So in addition to what I am sure will be weekly (daily?!) trips to the pool I made a list of all of the different activities that they can try... and since I am super-nice I also put them on a calendar of free summer activities (including the scheduled events at the library that are part of the FREE Summer Reading Program) for all of you to take advantage of, as well!

Standard disclaimers apply! Please verify all activities and hours before attending to be sure something isn't canceled or rescheduled at the last minute. Since my kids live in Bend, this calendar is pretty much just about Bend! (But maybe Occidental Girl will setup a Redmond calendar that I can link to?) If there is something you know about that is missing, leave a comment and let me know and when I get around to it I will add it. :-) And... ENJOY!

Happy summer, everyone!


:: becky said...

You are just so cool! How did you find time to create this calendar. Great idea! Thank you from all of us unorganized parents!

Wendy said...

I heard "I'm bored" several times yesterday starting about 10 minutes after they got off the bus, so I put the boys to work in the yard.

Deby said...

What an awesome calendar! Thanks for the effort.