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Monday, July 14


It's not a really big secret that I am not a big fan of exercise.

This is not to say, I am not active. I enjoy getting outside for a nice long hike or a walk with friends. I like golfing and swimming too. What I find difficult is exercise programs.

Lately I have felt like I could stand to "firm up", if not drop a few pounds. So I have been walking several days a week with a group of friends. But I also wanted to add something a little more aerobic to my routine. You know, something to get my heart pumping and maybe help with some "core strength" while I was at it. But my knees just can't take step class, I find lap swimming to be monotonous, I'm not flexible enough for yoga, and I just don't like lifting weights. What to do?

Then I heard about hoop dancing. I found a class here in Bend and convinced Kate to come with me. I thought, hula hooping is something I can do! But I wondered what we would do during the 90-minute class.

We did a LOT! There was a fair amount of stretching and keeping loose. Of course, we spent most of the class keeping the hoop moving 'round as well. Then the teacher emphasized this was a hoop dance class. We were encouraged to move about, freestyle, as we became comfortable and it felt right. It was work to keep the hoop going, but as we went she also taught us some fun moves.

Like moving the hoop around your waist, as is "normal". Then spinning it up over your head with one hand. And spinning it back down to your waist with another.

Without letting the hoop stop spinning.

It was difficult. But very enjoyable! By the end of class I could keep that hoop going throughout the move. It didn't look quite as smooth and natural as when the teacher did it, but I felt like I made progress. Maybe someday I will be good enough to show the world. But for now I think I'll keep it in the studio.

Class was so much fun!! The music was fun and upbeat, and everyone seemed to be having fun. I think I had a goofy smile on my face pretty much the whole time. Yes, it would have been embarrassing to let people watch, but that was the beauty of this class. No one is really watching you because everyone else is concentrating on learning the moves at the same time! Also since we were all pretty much new to the hooping scene, the hoops banged to the floor fairly frequently so no one felt like they were any better or worse than anyone else.

I'm hooked on hooping. My next class is on Monday night. I am looking forward to learning the next fun move!

Want to give it a try? If you are in Bend check out Hoop Dazzle. Hope to see you there!

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Live on the Fly said...

How fun is THAT?! I used to love hula hooping (even wrote a line about it in a song)! Sounds like a blast, Jen, but I know better than to ask for pictures. I wouldn't want any taken of me, either!