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Sunday, July 6


I didn't go wakeboarding this weekend. Don't get me wrong... I tried. But through a nasty combination of age and total lack of athleticism I never quite made it fully out of the water and vertical.
Nice Try (Mosaic)
Anyways... it was fun to try something new. And it was a blast to hang out at the lake, ride on the new boat, and soak up some sun. Our kids were elsewhere so we got to play with the nephews for a change. They showed me their tree fort, helped me with word search puzzles, took me on walks, and taught me how to play "Aggravation". They loved playing with Divot, taking her out to swim, and throwing a football for her to chase into the water. On the lake we watched them wakeboard, while others waterskiied and wake surfed. Scott tried the wake surfing too, and was up on his first try. It looked like fun but I was worn out from all my previous efforts with the wakeboard. (Not really, but it sounds good right?)


Miss Julie - Chubby Mommy said...

You are so brave! Good job for trying, not crying. I would have been crying, I think.

simzgirl said...

Oh I have so been there. I struggled for years to learn how to ski then Sim came with me one year and learned how to ski, wake board, and knee board all in one week. Boys suck!