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Friday, August 8


"There is no other product that gives me as much fear and respect for the power of mass culture as the hula hoop."
~ Dan Rodick, director of sports promotion at Wham-O

And so, the addiction continues. After a fun and successful first hoop class I attended another beginner class and then faced facts. I really needed my very own hula hoop so that I could practice (er, show off?) at home. It is really lovely - silver glitter with purple and green stripes. The first night I brought it home I wanted to sleep with it. Scott disagreed.

The girls have been "virtually hooping" on the Wii Fit game. (Yes, it's more of a game than an exercise program. I am not fooling myself, though it probably is marginally better than sitting on the couch like a slug.) They could hardly wait to try out the real thing. We had fun giggling as everyone gave the hoop a try. And then they even let me use my hula hoop for a while too!

I have taken a couple of weeks off from class, but plan to go back for more next week. Want to come with me? If so, this is a great opportunity to give class a try. Mollie is giving my friends and readers a deal! If you come with me on Monday (7-8:30pm), the cost is only $15 for a 90-minute class. Leave a comment or email me if you want to give it a try.

Later today, I am heading over to World Hoop Day. You can join in the fun too - bring your own hoop (it doesn't have to be fancy) or borrow one at the park. Or just come watch, and hang out with all of Bend's happy hoop-a-holics!
What: World Hoop Day
When: Today (August 8, 2008), 4-6pm
Where: Harmon Park
Why: Just because!
Update: Did you miss out on all the fun at World Hoop Day? If so, check out my pics at the event. Hope to see you on Monday!

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Miss Julie said...

Love the hoop pictures! Sorry we missed it, but I'll try to come Monday night. Can teenage girls come too?