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Monday, October 13


Mrs. G over at Derfwad Manor asked her readers to share a photo documentary of a day in their life. Here's mine.

Just 9 more minutes, please...
It's always a little too early for me. So I hit this button. Sometimes I repeat this four or five times. (Hint: on Mondays it's usually more.)

Reading up on important stuff
While I laugh at the kids for having to leave for school at a ridiculously early hour, I catch up on email messages and read up on important stuff. Unfortunately for me, soon it will be too cold for them to ride their bikes to school. Which means I will have to drive them. But for now, I stick with laughing at them.

Ahh... nice and hot! Stinky breath, begone!
Time to clean up and get ready for my day. I recommend the toothpaste with the little minty strips. Mmm... winter fresh!

Brace Face! Brace bus!! Brace face!
Halfway to work I get a call from the school because someone is having problems with their braces. So I turn around and we make an emergency trip to the orthodontist's office.

Working Hard
Eventually I get to the office. It's time to get to work!

Teatime! Lunch bunch Gourmet Lunch
But first I need tea. And if it's a good day, then I'll go to lunch with the girls. Or in today's case, I'll just sit at my desk and eat whatever Chef Stouffer is serving up.

A hole driver alert A-hole driver alert. Somewhere on I-84...
Finally it's time to head home. It's rush hour so I have to watch out for a**hole drivers. And I keep my fingers crossed that I won't have to wait for a train at the railroad crossing.

No one puts Divot in a corner Hooping Wheee!!! Rock On
The dog and the kids are so thrilled to see me! They run off to do kid things without me. Or just stand around and make goofy faces.

Ahh ... Asahi! Pumpkin Martini Pinnacle porter Cherry limeade yum! Beer
The RHPB usually gets home later, and we have a drink together. Sometimes it's beer. Sometimes I have a martini. Every once in a while he stops at Sonic and gets a Cherry Limeade for me. And sometimes if it's a bad day then we drink... lots of beer.

Steak dinner Ingredients Slice
Then I am expected delighted to make dinner. Or we order a pizza.

Sunset over the Cascades
The sun goes down. The kids are sent upstairs and we follow to threaten them if they don't go to sleep tuck them into bed. RHPB and I mysteriously turn into couch potatoes.

Book & Bed!!
I crawl in bed, and usually manage to read a few pages before I just can't stay awake another moment. G'night!


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Jon's wife said...

Very cool

Elise Michaels Media said...

Fabulous day! I can hear it narrated by Mr. Rogers.

Schmutzie said...

You are being featured on Intrepid Tuesday:

smalltownmom said...

Thanks for sharing your day! I just stopped by from Mrs. G's. (I'm right above you on her list.)

mugmkr said...

Jen, nicely done! Very good snapshot (what a pun, eh?) of your day...and were you listening to Kink Live 11 anytime during the day? Thanks for sharing!