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Saturday, October 11


Like many others in my circle of friends (both local and "virtual") I have been making an effort to get into better shape. Let's face it - I don't have the most active job. This summer I started walking on a somewhat regular basis with a group of friends. Now that it's cold and dark in the morning, it's getting harder and harder to be motivated to roll out of bed early for a walk.

In the meantime I also started hooping which is pretty fun. It's a great cardio workout and seems to be helping with my balance and coordination. Plus I can't help but smile like an idiot while hooping. It's fun! I think that's part of what brings me back to class, week after week.

I've also noticed signs and announcements - as well as overheard people raving about - Boot Camp style exercise programs. It's a group fitness class that generally meets outdoors and combines several exercise styles including stretching, cardio, abs work, calisthenics, yoga... a little of everything. Several people have told me I should give it a try but it was tough to fit in. Not to mention, it's a little on the spendy side to just "give a try".

So when I saw a note on Hack Bend that there was a Boot Camp offering a free class this weekend, I figured this was my chance. Of course I had to send a shout out to my Chubby Mommy buddies to see who was interested. And I was delighted when my friend Kate sounded interested.

Let me digress for a moment. Kate is my best "wild hare" friend. If I see something that looks interesting, she always seems game to try. She has fun ideas of her own too! We've been to some great events, like Ignite Portland. And we've laughed our way through some, er... interesting?... events like the Taste of Home cooking show. Thanks, Kate!

So this morning as I was milling around, we decided (via very official text messages) that we would give Better Body Boot Camp a try. I know how that name sounds... but hey at least it's honest! I have kids, so I'm not necessarily looking for more Adventure in my life. But who doesn't want a Better Body? There's always something needing improvement, right? It's just that in my case there's a lot that needs improvement.

Arriving at Drake Park, I saw a small group assembled down at the stage. The instructors looked awfully perky for so early in the morning on a VERY COLD Saturday. Whatever they had, they weren't sharing. Soon they had us stretching and I was quickly warm enough that I could shed my winter coat. Hat and gloves stayed on for most of the class though!

Let me tell you... Boot Camp class is HARD.

And the hour long session does NOT fly by.

I kept thinking, "Julie would tell me this is one of those Try, Not Cry moments."

The hardest part? Hearing "hey you're almost there!" and then doing what felt like a million more reps of whatever brutal activity we were practicing. Some were harder than others. Others were even fairly easy in comparison. But even those were more difficult the second (or third, or fourth) time around.


Even though it was really hard, there was some fun along with the suffering. In my heart I feel good about doing something nice for my body. I don't know if my muscles and joints agree yet. Maybe my body would have been more thankful if I had come home and treated it to a nice long soak in a hot tub. But since we don't have a hot tub, I don't think my muscles were getting their hopes up.

After class we toasted our survival and warmed up with a large pot of tea at Townshend's. I was so happy to have something hot to drink!! And the shower that I finally took (after coming home and going straight to spreading bark and otherwise "winterizing" the yard - before it snows again) was probably the best shower. Ever.

Am I cut out for Boot Camp? I'm not sure. Maybe I should decide depending on how sore I feel tomorrow? As I told Kate over tea, I think I would definitely enjoy something more in line with Flip-Flop Camp.

Let me know if you see a poster for Flip-Flop Camp. I'd love to give it a try.


mizinformation said...

I'm having advil for breakfast ;)

Keeneye said...

Ouch. Good for you, though. I'm not cut out for Boot Camps. My idea of exercise is lifting a really big pizza towards my mouth. :)

monkeyinabox said...

Pizza in left, beer in right: lift, bite, chew, drink, lift, bite, chew, drink, lift, bite, chew, drink...

Weeeew...I'm getting a workout just thinking about it. ;)

Miss Julie said...

Okay, first, I'm proud of both you gals for bootcamping. I'm getting sore just thinking about it, so I don't think I have to go.

Second, we should make up our own flipflop, cupcake, hula hoop camp. Exercise optional.

Who's in?