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Friday, October 3


Where does the time go? Give me the CAKEI swear, a few days ago this big gangly dude was just a little peanut. When I cradled his tiny head in my hand, his little feet didn't even reach to my elbow.

Lots of changes since then. Now he talks back. He has braces on his teeth. I don't even try to beat him at strategy games. He's attended college. And his feet are bigger than mine. (And that is saying a lot... I have pretty big feet!)

And now he's thirteen. That's years, not months. I remember when I used to count his age in months... but now that would make him 156. No wonder I stopped keeping track!

He's funnier now - in both looks and personality. (I can only say that because I love him so much!) When he arrives home after a long day at school, he calls me so that I know he is available to start working on chores safe. On his birthday, the first thing he said was, "You're ruining my life!" I had to think about it for a minute. No, there was nothing recent that came to mind that I had done that seemed that bad. So, I gave my standard intelligent answer... "Huh?" His reply?

"I'm a teenager now, Mom. Figured you might want to get used to hearing that."

Oh. Okay, then.

I still get hugs, now and then. But only when people aren't watching. (No, that's a terrible lie. Teenage boys don't ever hug their Mom. Forget you saw that!) He isn't "too cool" to spend time with me yet. But I think that has more to do with his expensive taste in food (sushi) and toys (Wii) than anything else. But he at least tries to make me feel cool. Nice kid, I guess! Smart kid, definitely!!

He smells pretty bad, too. I thought it was bad a few years ago, but it's getting worse. Nothing seems to wash that smell away. Someone should invent a special "anti-teenage-boy-smell" soap. I'd buy it. And I know lots of other mom's that would too!

For his birthday party we went to InClimb, which is a local rock climbing gym. Several of his friends came to hang out. It was fun, but Scott spent most of the party chasing the boys away from Q.P. (who happened to be the only girl). So I guess that's another thing to look forward to... yikes!!

To Stinky... I love you, dude. Stay weird and geeky. And please, solve the energy crisis by finding an alternative fuel SOON so that I can start saving money on gas. I know you can do it, buddy. When you do, we'll go to Mio to celebrate. Deal?


Deby said...

Officially a teenager! Isn't it a mind blower when you realize that you are the parent of a teenager?

Congrats to you both! The fun is just beginning.

You might want to start buying stock in Safeway - those guys can EAT!

mugmkr said...

So, do Stinky and I share the same birthday? How cool is that!