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Thursday, October 2


I was just called out by Jack Leblond (@Web_Guy) to make sure I was registered to vote; Yes, Jack, I am. I registered to vote the day I turned 18, and have kept my registration current ever since. One think I have never done? Voted at a "polling place". Since I was an out-of-state student I registered to vote by mail. When I moved back to Oregon, the state started conducting all elections by mail. I have, however, hand-delivered my ballot to the County Clerk's office and picked up my "I Voted" sticker on Election Day. It is, after all, just across the street from my office.

Check out this great video, it’s not only entertaining - it’s informative too. Enjoy!

And since this is a meme, of course I am tagging some folks. This isn't about WHO you are voting for. This is just about voting, period. Are you registered to vote?
* Occidental Girl
* Ann Poff (@starrchhk)
* PolyGeek (@polyGeek)
* Collin (@cjgraphix)
* Carrie (@simz_girl) and Simeon (@simBateman)


Anonymous said...

Yes I am! :)

simzgirl said...

Sorry, that was from me. Stupid login error...

Deby said...

Good for you! Everyone needs to vote, especially this election.