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Thursday, April 9


It's cooled down outside, I notice, as I begin my journey home. My shadow, long and stretched out, rides in front of me.

The wind that had chilled me while running still blows, but now it cushions my ears against the sound of the traffic rushing along Franklin Avenue. I make my way along the side of the road slowly, timing my pace with the traffic light ahead. I'm tired, and wonder if I have to stop, will I be able to get going again?

Distance and small hills that I take for granted in my car loom large from my bike. I maneuver around fallen pine cones, sticks, and other detritus in my lane. Cars pass occasionally - I can hear those with winter tire studs grinding towards me from further back.

I'm energized each time I reach a landmark... that park, a roundabout, the school, and the store. When I reach the store I know I'm almost home. From there it isn't much further, and there are no large hills left to climb.

The breeze has died down, and in this part of town, at this time of day, there is little traffic. It's peaceful, that last leg of my journey. As I turn into my neighborhood I feel the weight of the accomplishment. I can make that commute on my bike. And I will do it again... soon. For now, I give myself a few days off, and will try it again the next time the sun is shining!


Elise Michaels Media said...

Running AND riding your bike?! I'm impressed! OK, I really need to get in on some of that movement action. Because I don't move at all these days.

mugmkr said...

Way to go! Bike commuting doesn't always work out (Errands, shopping, etc.) but it sure does feel good when you can do it. The bonus for me is that I can park within feet of my destination, as well as the fact that I don't have to schedule time for a workout - on days I ride.