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Tuesday, June 9


Over the weekend we finished setting up some raised planter beds. I filled them with dirt and planted a few things I had grown from seed along with my booty from the OSU Master Gardener plant sale. When I left this morning things looked good. The plants I had been growing inside were starting to perk up, and it looked like everything was getting the right amount of water from the sprinkler system. YAY!!

Then the storm came. First there was some rain. And then, BOOM! Hail, thunder, more hail, lightning, and a CRAP-LOAD of hail.

My dad would have had a field day with this. Today would have been his 68th birthday, so timing couldn't be better. I can just hear him laughing and calling me a wuss for growing my garden in one of those girly raised flower beds. Didn't he teach me anything?!


Anyhoo, we are planning to celebrate him tonight. Fajitas and margaritas are on the menu. Hopefully the weather will hold up long enough for me to cook the steaks outside on the grill.

Umm... Dad? Do you think you can help me out with that? Thanks, old man!!

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Anonymous said...

I hate what it does to the garden - what a bummer! But everything pops back eventually. Enjoy your special evening!