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Wednesday, June 10

CSA Week 1

Drat! Week one was actually last Wednesday... I'm already a week behind!

So here's the deal. In the interest of eating healthier and trying new things I purchased a CSA share from Groundwork Organics. Actually part of it is also due to general laziness and fear of crowded places (i.e. the Farmer's Market). And technically? I bought half a share, since I am sharing with a co-worker. Since this is a new thing that seemed safer somehow. I would hate for all the beautiful vegies to go to waste. Also? Broccoli and cauliflower are evil and should be abolished from the planet. Ick! Luckily my co-worker doesn't share my opinions about broc and cauli, but her husband is violently opposed to beets. So looks like it will all shake out in the end.

This is what we picked up last Wednesday:
CSA week 1

We got red leaf lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, snap peas, basil, sweet onions, garlic whistles, ‘Red Gold’ new potatoes, cauliflower, and strawberries.

Here's how we used it up...

...Lots of good little munchie snacks - I washed and trimmed the carrots, snap peas, cauli (some for Stinky, the rest for work), and the berries. They were all gone by Friday.

...The potatoes went into a batch of Chicken & Dumplings. Looking back this was probably a waste, as they would have been delicious on their own.

...The cuke went into a sunomono. Yum, it was a great little salad!

...The garlic whistles were chopped up and added to a batch of skillet potatoes. Good flavor and crunch.

...I still have some lettuce and one onion. We just don't go through a ton of lettuce, and the RHPB prefers the iceberg variety anyways.

...The basil went into, well, a little of everything. But I'm most proud of this "Caprese Pizza" I made. It was delicious, and Stinky went back for seconds.
Lookit those tomatoes!

So... I think I'm off to a good start. We picked up the Week 2 box today. I'll be cooking with kale and beets this week... a new experience for me!


Anonymous said...

My first experience with kale started the same way. I love it now. If you're interested in a moist chocolate beet cake recipe, let me know! The cake photo is on flickr.

I'm just in from the farmer's market and have my garlic whistles!

Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

Is Groundworks Organics from the Valley? Because WOW berries already?!

Are there berries at the farmer's market, too? hooo, I am THERE on Friday!

Jen F said...

Chocolate beet cake... really?! Yes, please share that recipe. :-)

Groundworks is from the Eugene area and I believe they also have the berries at the Farmer's Market on Wednesdays... not sure if they are here on Friday though.

GlutenForPunishment said...

Yum! Welcome to the "Cooking Away My CSA" Challenge! Thanks for joining.

Happy cooking!


Rebecca/Woman with a Whisk said...

Chocolate beet cake!? I'm intrigued!

Looks like a fabulous first week!

mugmkr said...

"the RHPB". Now, that is a clue, isn't it? RHPB is preceded by "the". Now what, oh what could that mean? The Right Handed Potato Bearer? The Really Holy Pope of Bend? Pray, tell us, though we are unworthy!