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Saturday, December 12


If you are anywhere near Bend, Oregon this weekend, I hope you have checked out at least one of the events happening in conjunction with the Cyclocross National Championships... if not one of the races!

We went to the "Crossculture" gallery walk downtown last night. It was amazing to see a great blend of locals and athletes mingling and enjoying what the town had to offer.

This afternoon we caught the Mens' Masters race. A friend's husband was racing, so that helped guide our decision for when to go. It was a GORGEOUS day to watch the race!! I was bundled in layers but didn't feel like that kid from "A Christmas Story". There were a lot of people out there, but not so many that we weren't able to stake out a good spot, but then move on to watch at different parts of the course.

And of course, we were sure to check out the Deschutes Brewery tent too!

It wouldn't be me, without a big pile of photos right? Without further ado... enjoy some of my favorite shots...

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