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Tuesday, March 30


I've been running for a year. March 16th was officially my first "runniversary". Wow!

Guess what? I still don't like to run, but I don't hate it any more. It's wiggled into my life and become part of my routine. If I skip a workout on a "running day" my body knows it. If the weather is bad, I find a way to do it anyways. Even if it means running in the snow.

I've registered for the Deschutes Dash Sprint Triathlon this summer. That's sort of a goofy one for me in that I don't even own a road bike (just a cruiser), so I'm taking a cycle training class at my gym for now. I've arranged to rent a bike for the weekend of the race, and will probably snag it for a couple of training rides in the weeks leading up to the event. The scariest part is the transition from biking to running. After getting off a bike my legs are so wobbly that I can barely stand, let alone run for 30 minutes. Training and conditioning will definitely be very important.

So for now, the workout drill is running 2-3 times a week, cycle training once a week (followed by a short, slow run), core strength training two times a week, swimming once a week, and barre3 once or twice a month (it isn't offered at my gym yet, so it's whenever time and schedule allow).

Phew! Somehow I am still finding plenty of time with family, friends, sewing & knitting, and books. And work sneaks in there once in a while too! ;-)

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