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Monday, May 10

Kids Clothes Week: Day 1

I have a lot of fabric, and many patterns. So when I saw the "Kids Clothes Week" challenge on Elsie Marley's blog I figured, why not? Most of this stuff is just sitting around, and maybe this will keep me motivated and help me finish a few projects.

It also helps that Boo is interested in learning to sew, so hopefully she will lend a hand. Tonight we sorted through an enormous pile of patterns and fabrics, and she picked out what she wants. Here's what's in the queue for this week:

Twirly Skirt

Swing-y Top (And one for me, in a different color!)


Comfy Cozy Pants

Wish us luck!!!

1 comment:

Occidental Girl said...

Cute patterns! I can't wait to see finished product.

And hey, a post in May, WOWZAAA!!!