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Thursday, December 30


I have to admit, for a while I've been a doubter. Maybe even a hater... But I think that's pushing it.
I just didn't get it. Why would anyone spend hundreds of dollars on... A ginormous iPod touch? I'm a bit of an Apple fangirl and have several devices, and we love us our iPods (nano, shuffle, or touch flavor) at the casa de Fiveforefun. But the iPad? Just seemed a little... Overboard.
And then came Christmas morning. And under the tree, nestled in a U of O hoodie, I found my very own iPad. I must have been a very good girl in 2010.
At first I thought, ok that's cool. I mean, neat. But how much am I really going to use it?
Turns out? A whole lot.
In under a week I have become inseparable from this gizmo. It does all the nifty stuff my touch does... But better. Reading books is a snap. Netflix and Hulu are that much better. The kids and I have enjoyed playing Scrabble, Picteureka, and other games together. My photos look gorgeous on the oversize screen.
And don't even get me started about Paprika, the recipe app that is worthy of a blog post all of it's own.

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