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Tuesday, August 13

Rise Bars

I'm a member of a website called Earnit which awards points for GPS tracked activities. If you allow them (secure) access to your Runkeeper, Nike+, Fitbit, or other info you get credit that can be cashed in for discounts and even free stuff. I've been steadily accumulating points and finally decided to check out the shop and am trying out some new products. I'm not receiving compensation or any free samples of the products in exchange for posting on this blog.

I like to carry nutrition bars with me in case of a hunger pang or for a quick snack after a workout, but I don't eat them on a regular basis. My go-to brand is Luna and I like the White Chocolate Mac Nut and Chocolate Peppermint Stick flavors. They are tasty but they don't have any fruit in them so I usually pair them with a handful of dried cherries, raisins, or other fruit. When I saw Rise Bars on Earndit I decided to give them a try. Since it's a big box with several varieties I'm just going to keep adding to this post as I try each flavor.

Crunchy Cashew Almond Breakfast Bar - When I opened the wrapper this looked like a smaller bar cut from a larger "sheet" which I like. It has a faint fruity taste from the dates but it isn't overpowering or too sweet. Lots of crunch from the almonds and cashews - this is definitely a nut bar first and foremost. Verdict: Yes, please.

Crunchy Perfect Pumpkin Breakfast Bar - Oh, I get it. Pumpkin seeds. Which means no pumpkin flavor. This definitely tasted like apricots and dates. It was good, just not what I expected. Verdict: Yes, please. 

Almond Honey Protein Bar - When I opened this bar it did not look appealing. It looks like a hunk of dried out peanut butter. Since the other bars were good I was hopeful, but no. The flavor is OK but it's not enough to overcome the "chalkiness" of what must be the whey protein. The texture is what I imagined based on the appearance - it's like creamy peanut butter that has been slightly dehydrated, maybe because it was left out in the sun too long. Verdict: Trash can.

What's left in the box?
Crunchy Cranberry Apple Breakfast Bar
Crunchy Honey Walnut Breakfast Bar
Crunchy Macadamia Pineapple Breakfast Bar
Cherry Almond Energy Bar
Coconut Acai Energy Bar
Apricot Goji Energy Bar
Blueberry Coconut Energy Bar
Raspberry Pomegranate Energy Bar
Crunchy Carob Chip Protein Bar

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Jim Johnson said...

My wife and I like the Cliff Bars. Especially the new Builder bars that have 20 grams of protein!