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Friday, May 5


First, a confession:

I am hopelessly addicted to "Survivor"

I had never seen an episode of "Survivor", much less paid attention to the news surrounding the show, until I met Scott. He has been addicted since the very beginning. AND it's the only time of the week I can count on him to consistently sit down and not move for an hour. So I started watching too... and got hooked.

For the uninitiated, the show is comprised of three major events in each episode: a reward challenge, an immunity challenge, and tribal council. In between comes the drama - you get to see the players struggling with the physical, social and emotional trials and tribulations of living in the jungle. The social is definitely the most interesting. They really do cast the show based on personality and plant the seeds of conflict with the people that are selected.

So I am really disappointed that one of the most entertaining players, Shane, was voted out last night.

Shane is a nut job. Really! Last week he decided he missed his BlackBerry so he found a rock that looked like it, and sat and played with it. Urnh? Wha?!?! This week during the immunity challenge he had a tough time, and at the end he spouted off "only Terry is safe tonight at tribal council... dun, dun, duuuuun!" Despite his wackiness, he seems like a good guy though. He helps with the chores around camp and doesn't appear to be backstabbing anyone.

Don't get me wrong. I wasn't rooting for Shane to win $1M by any stretch of the imagination. But he is a little kooky and makes good TV.

And let's face it - the rest of the players are pretty boring. I am clinging to the hope that Terry the Terrific can't keep up his winning streak (he has so far won every immunity challenge and a good number of the reward challenges)... he is so boring and predictable and it really isn't fun to watch him win *every* competition.

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