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Monday, May 8

House Update

Still working away...

Scott worked like a maniac this weekend, and finished all the base boards, and trim around the cabinets, AND installed the handrails in the stairway. Yea! The painters are coming today to finish everything up - they will be there for a couple of days.

Also this weekend - water was turned on to the house. Which means no more port a potty! Wheeee!!!

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My main job this weekend was to keep the kids out of Scott's way. We slept in on Saturday, then went to a garage sale, Butthead's soccer game, more garage sales, lunch at Izzy's, Macy's (some one had a gift card), and .... more garage sales. On Sunday the girls had to clean their room so not much fun to be had, as it took them all day.

On Saturday night we all went to a concert where a friend was playing with his band. It was fun! The kids were "groupies" and sat in the front right by the stage, which seemed to be entertaining to the singer along with everyone in the audience.

We all had a good time at Butthead's soccer game too. They played well but lost. It's tough for them - they are playing against traveling teams that play year-round since there are only 2 parks and rec teams. I think in the end they will be better soccer players for the experience though. I re-did Boo's hair wrap while we watched and cheered. Also got my first sunburn so it's officially spring!

At Macy's the girls both got new sunglasses, very cute. Butthead got blue and Boo got purple. And Boo got a very pink cowgirl hat with sparkly stuff on it... she loves it and wore it everywhere this weekend.

We definitely kept out of trouble... but I am still not ready for Monday!

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