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Wednesday, May 31


As seen at under the ponderosas:

Four places I want to take my kids on vacation (w/in the next year):

1. Ashland with my son - for his first Shakespeare Festival!
2. Camping in Eastern OR (near Paisley) - to fish and go to the hot springs
3. Portland - to go to OMSI and the zoo
4. Prineville Reservoir - to camp and spend time with Scott's family

Four movies I could watch over and over with my kids:

1. The Parent Trap
2. Bend it Like Beckham
3. The Sandlot
4. October Sky

Four TV shows I love to watch with my kids:

1. The Fairly Odd Parents
2. Myth Busters
3. Over Haulin'
4. $40 a Day

Four restaurants I like to go to with my kids (note: we don't eat out much but these are our favorite places for a quick snack!):

1. Sno Cap in Sisters
2. Ben & Jerry's
3. DiLusso (they make the *best* hot chocolate)
4. Be Bop Biscotti (weekend Jazz)

Four things I want my kids to be good at:

1. Having fun
2. Being honest
3. Respecting themselves and others
4. Knowing the right time to be quiet - but also knowing the right time to make some noise!


Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

Ooo, I would love to go camping in eastern OR. That's a good one. Do you do that regularly? I haven't been east of Prineville in almost 3 years.

Have fun in Ashland! Sounds so awesome.

Jen said...

We like to go near Paisley when it isn't hunting season. It's quieter than the Cascade Lakes and still plenty to do. We recently started geocaching with the kids and there are many caches in that area.