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Tuesday, May 30


There are soooo many birds at the new house. Some of them spend so much time in our yard that we are getting to know them and recognize them.

On Saturday Scott was on the porch roof, putting on "corners" and siding. A robin kept landing on the roof close by him, and flying back and forth between him and rustling around in the juniper tree in the front yard. Every once in a while it would fly further, but returned frequently. We only saw her once or twice on Sunday, which seemed interesting.

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On Monday we found out why! Mama robin had built a nest in the juniper tree and her babies hatched. From the window in the stairway you can see the nest clearly, once you know where it is... and we were able to watch her feed her babies. We could see their little heads popping up and down looking for food. It was very cool! Can't wait to show the kids.

We had another bird-related incident this weekend. I think bluejays are very smart and either have a sense of humor or ... they are just mean. There is a cat in the neighborhood we call "Bob" because he has a short tail. He is a nice enough cat, and also a very good hunter. So good that I decided to stop filling our birdfeeders until we move in, because our back yard had turned into dead-bird-central due to Bob's prowess.

This weekend... Bob became pretty easy to find. Apparently he did something to irritate one of the bluejays in the area, because on Saturday it was following him around and swooping at him, making quite a bit of noise. Did you know that a bluejay call sounds vaguely like a laugh? It was funny to watch.

Then on Sunday there were two bluejays tormenting Bob...

And by the time we left on Monday evening there were four!!

They ganged up on him, and a couple would corner him while the other would swoop at him. He was on the run!

Poor Bob!

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Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

That's so funny!

I think there's a robin's nest near here but I haven't seen it. I have never seen baby birds in real life!