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Sunday, May 28


We traded our tickets to the Beck concert for tickets to the Ben Harper concert (thanks to Craig's List). The reasons for this were numerous but the deal breaker - gotta work on the house. And it was sooo much easier to NOT go work on the house on Friday night, than to STOP working on the house at 3pm on Saturday.

It was a good decision. But I am purposefully avoiding reading posts about the Beck show, lest I rethink things too much.

Ben Harper is, in short, beautiful. The set was great - lots of great rockin' tunes intermixed with acoustic numbers. Loved it. Went home happy and with a slight contact high.

This was my first show at the Les Schwab Amphitheater... other than one of the free Sunday Summer concerts. Why did I bring a chair? I never sat in it, not once. The blanket was a Very Good Thing though. (Side note: We are going to see Susan Tedeschi at the Britt Festival in September... is that more of a "chair" venue?)

A friend of mine works at the Alpenglow Cafe. She reports that Ben Harper, Laura Dern and their two beautiful children had breakfast there on Friday morning, and she was fortunate enough to be their server. The pancakes were a hit.

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shannon said...

NO WAY! I live in that building (where Alpenglow is)and eat there 3 times a week! How exciting.