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Wednesday, July 26


I have nothing against people who ride bikes. Some of my favorite people ride bikes either for fun or for commuting - if not both. In fact, now that it wouldn't be life-threatening for me to commute to work on my bike, I am planning to take it in and get it spiffed up and join them.

I do have something against stupid people who ride bikes.

Like the two women hanging out - on their bikes - in the middle of the turn onto Archie Briggs road this morning. Riding just slowly enough to stay upright, but barely. Ladies, I know you saw me coming, and still you decided to hang out in the road. Do you know what I would do to my kids if I caught them doing that? So I had to come to a stop, and wait, and the traffic behind me had to go around me, while I waited for you to decide which way to go. Eventually I ended up having to go around you, turning into the lane that is normally reserved for oncoming traffic.

Then there are the two riders on Mt. Washington drive. Riding side by side - neither in the bike lane. Now, let me think about this for a moment. If I were riding my bike up a hill on a road with a lot of traffic - I might consider riding in the bike lane. But even if I felt the need to ride in the road, if a car came up behind me and followed me for a quarter of a mile I might consider moving into the bike lane so they could pass. But since I drive a Toyota that doesn't demand much respect on the roads of Bend, and I was stuck behind them until they turned off since there is a median on that section of road.

Therefore I declare today, July 26 - stupid people on bikes day. You are off the hook for the rest of today.

But tomorrow I am going to lean on the horn and let you know you are "number one" if you don't get out of my f-ing way.


dkgoodman said...

You mean you didn't tap your horn for these idiots today? You're just too polite. :)

Jen said...

If they hadn't turned and looked me in the eye... sure I would have. And I prefer the term "passive-aggressive" over "polite". :P

Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

Oh, Archie Briggs is the WORST. I think bikers forget they're on a major thoroughfare. They get confused.

All my inconsiderate-biker stories are from Johnson Rd. Come on, people! Ride single file!

Mike C said...

That is so amazing!