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Monday, July 10


Stinky and Butthead are away at camp this week!

So... Boo is the solo kid at home this week.

She is going to baseball camp with the Bend Elks each morning. I was really surprised when she wanted to sign up, and even more surprised at how excited she was this morning! When I dropped her off today we found out she is the only girl signed up. At first she seemed a little nervous, but then when they asked the kids to grab their stuff and head onto the field she went off without a backwards glance... which made me a little sad but proud.

Darnit... it was hard to watch my baby girl walk off with a huge herd of boys! Even though she is pretty girly (we had to get her pony tail just right this morning) she is tough. It should be fun to see what she has to say when I pick her up this afternoon!

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Meltrier (Melissa) said...

I'm so impressed she's in baseball camp! I was more of an "arts & crafts camp" kind of girl, and wish I tried athletics back then. How does she like it so far?