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Friday, July 7


Scott and I treated the whole tribe to the Fiona Apple show on Saturday, thanks to the dollar ticket deal. The big kids weren't that into the music, but they had a good time being outside and enjoyed the nice weather. Boo wanted to go up closer and see all the commotion so we went around to the right side of the stage. She and I were there for a good portion of the concert. I don't think she was into the music any more than the big kids... it was the social aspect that appealed to her.

After the show... she was full of "reallys":

I really had fun!
I really need a snack!
That music was really weird!
I am really tired!
I really need a snack!
We should really do that again!
It's getting really dark!
I really need a snack!
That rock (on the path on the LSA side of the bridge to the Shops) is really big!
I really want to climb on the rock!
I am really high! (from atop the rock)
I really need a snack!
I am really coming down now!
I really want to go home!
I really need a snack!

In the car on the way home, she really fell asleep. Really.

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