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Thursday, July 6


I love movies. I love my kids. I love seeing movies with my kids.

But not just any movie. Yes, we took them to see "Cars". We saw "X-Men 3" with the older kids. And, the oldest even went to see "King Kong" with us (and yes, during the scary scenes her eyes were covered almost as much as mine). Will I take them to see "The Devil Wears Prada"? No. Will I take them to see "Superman" or "Pirates"? Probably. Do I think this is a problem? Absolutely not.

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Because my kids have learned how to act when they go to a movie. We started young, with movies where you expect kids in attendance (think: "Monsters Inc"). They understand that it is a shared experience and it is rude to interrupt other people. A concept which many adults do not even begin to comprehend.

I agree that there are many kids - of all ages - out there that can and do ruin everyone's experience by being noisy or disruptive. But I don't think it is the kid's fault because they simply don't know any better! It's the parents that should know better, but they don't - and they are the same ones that leave their cell phones turned on, kick the back of my seat, talk during the movie, and generally don't know how to act either.

Finally... this doesn't just apply to movies, folks. Have you ever been to a concert (indoors or out) where the person behind you just won't shaddap? Aren't we there to listen to the music? How about that camping trip where the Mom and Dad at the next campsite have a "domestic" at 2 a.m. Don't forget that romantic dinner that was spoiled by the the person at the next table having a loud conversation on their cell phone.

Why am I writing this? Because there seem to be many families that are reluctant to do anything in public with their kids, for fear they may behave badly. But kids are people, and people aren't perfect, no matter their size. I think it is entirely appropriate for kids to be seen and heard in public places. They need to learn - while they are young - how to act in these situations. Will it be easy? No - otherwise there wouldn't be so many disrespectful adults out there! Am I saying to rush out with your two-year old who has never been in a restaurant and take them to dinner at Merenda? No - maybe you should start with Red Robin or McDonalds.

And yes, there are definitely places where it is not appropriate to bring your kids... but that is a rant I will save for another day! ;)

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Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

We took our kids to see Cars today, second time. The first time my 2-year-old was terrified by the previews so I took her out & returned for the last half. This time my husband took her out so I could see the first half!

There was a little girl behind us, maybe 3 years old, driving her mom crazy. It was interesting to watch. She wasn't doing anything you wouldn't (or shouldn't) expect a 3-year-old to do, but I think the mom was on her own and irritated to be missing the movie. It was enlightening to see it unfold from a distance.