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Saturday, July 22


A co-worker and I drove to Portland (well... more like Beaverton) on Thursday for a meeting. By coincidence, another Bend-ite made the same trek (so now we can add one more to the carpool next time... maybe).

It was a beautiful day for a drive. We took the Santiam Pass and then drove up I-5. When we travel together, the median age in the car somehow drops to about twelve. We play music. We play slug bug. We chuckle. We talk (or we don't talk - quiet is good too). We both cheered when we saw the really-rude-driver-from-Washingon-State-that-tailgated-us pulled over near Stayton, accompanied by a State Patrolman in a sweeeet Mustang.

I am reminded every time I go to the valley, how much I dislike I-5. Waaaay too many big trucks... and lots of people in too much of a hurry for me!

We got our TGI Friday's fix, and Scott got a Godfather's Pizza out of the deal.

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