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Thursday, July 20


This article was brought to my attention today. It's from Forbes magazine, and the article is called "150 Cheap Places to Live".

And it's about Bend.

But their information is misleading. It states:
What if you want to live in a grander fashion? Say a 4,000-square-foot house on an acre.

What would that cost you? In Palo Alto, Calif., Greenwich, Conn., Washington, D.C.'s Georgetown or San Diego's La Jolla, easily $4 million. In just as lovely Bend, Ore., where the sky is blue and dry, the Deschutes River trout jump year round and Mt. Bachelor winter powder is bitchin’, maybe $700,000. You'll get more than an acre, too.

Yes the Deschutes River is lovely, and Mt. Bachelor is great. But... huh? What was that?! Would someone please show me where, in Bend, I can get more than an acre of land for $700K... with a 4000SF home on it!


Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

No kidding. Have you been down Drake Rd. lately? Drake Rd. is opposite Drake Park. Nice area. But! Six houses for sale at the end near Newport Bridge, two are new, all are under 4000sqft on no land. Seem to be priced over $1mil.

Jen said...

I agree... that area is *crazy*. They are paying for the swans, I suppose?