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Monday, August 14


Picked up the kids from Salem (they were visiting my mom for the week). The funniest part about the drive between Salem and Bend?

The Dam!

< explanation > Since the kids are a bit older, we have stretched the rules concerning "bad words". If they can be used in a normal, appropriate, conversational context based on their "dictionary meaning" they can say them. That doesn't mean they can swear... I just don't think kids should be afraid of language and should understand that small words can have big meanings. < /explanation >

Anyhow... due to the nature of this rule we now have a game or contest of sorts, to see who can come up with clever uses of the word "dam" as we drive past the Detroit Dam.

Can we stop and have some "Dam Lunch"?

Look at all the "Dam Fisherman"!

I wish I had my camera so I could take some "Dam Pictures".

I have to use the "Dam Bathroom"!

They just laugh and giggle their way through Detroit... which distracts them from wanting to stop at the store or one of the restaurants. It's nice to have something to look forward to during that long drive!

Now... Do you have any "Dam Observations" to share?

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Wendy said...

A friend of mine has bad word day at home. She and her boys choose one bad word that they can all use that entire day as long as it's not to be mean to anyone or used in public.