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Monday, August 14


I did it!!

Last week I took my bike (an old Huffy Savannah) for a tune-up and some new tires. I don't think Scott believed that I would... but today I rode my bike to work. The route I took is only about 5 miles and fairly flat - with just one (kinda steep) hill right before the office. That should be a hoot to whizz down tonight!

I already feel more responsible! (And kinda sore...)


Tuco said...

congrats! Isn't it so much more fun to be on a bike than on a bus or in the car? : )

Anonymous said...

WooT WooT!!!

Way to go! bike is the best way to get around this town, now we get to ride to lunch today!

Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

Wee-hoo! You go, girl!

Jake said...

You know, for the $50+ you paid for a tune up, you should've applied it towards a new bike (Huffy's are clunkers).

But congrats, just the same! I wish I didn't work 30 miles from my house, as I'd love to start riding my bike.

Jen said...

Meh... it wasn't that much and it's just on the road so no biggie. It's an older Huffy, from before the company was chewed up and spat out by the Wal-Mart machine, so it's a pretty decent bike. Maybe next summer I'll get a new one, but for now it works great!

Rick Potter said...

Hi Jen,

Stumbled onto your blog from a "Huffy Savannah" search term on Google. I recently purchased one for my granddaughter and now they (3 granddaughters) fight over who gets to ride it....they love it. I worked it over - greased, tuned, ect - and found it to be a very sturdy bike. I had to replace the positron shift cable but that was the only major trouble. Anyway, someone mentioned that you should have spent your money on a better/newer bike. I don't fully agree with that but if you do I ahve a recommendation. Schwinn has a new bike (2009) just for you. It's called (appropriately) the Schwinn "Jenny".