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Tuesday, August 22


We went to the library this morning. I love the library. The kids also love the library. Some times it seems like everything is so expensive in this town. And then I remember to go to the library, where it's free... and that makes me happy.

During the school year, trips to the library are a regular, weekly occurrence. But over the summer we have all been so busy - the kids with their activities and trips to camp or grandparents, and Scott and me trying to get the house stuff all wrapped up - we just haven't made it as often as I would like.

A trip to the library can last anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours. Today was of the latter nature. I am so amazed and pleased that the kids can spend that much time, quiet and happy, at the library. It reminds me how lucky we are to have kids like them. They are pretty cool little people! They all love looking through the books and picking a few to take home. The girls like the story computers. They have Arthur, Carmen Sandiego, Pooh - and all manner of other kids games on the story computers. Stinky likes the Internet computers. He likes to play the interactive games with the other kids in the library.

Today I let them pick out some movies to bring home, to watch in the afternoon when it's really too hot to be outside for very long. They found a Yu-Gi-Oh movie and were so excited... until they got home, put it in the VCR... and realized it's the Spanish-language version. Oh well!!

While they are busy in the children's area I usually run up to the fiction area to grab a couple of titles. I am pretty random about my reading selections - I will read just about anything (as long as it doesn't give me nightmares). Then I generally wander to non-fiction to choose a cookbook, and head back downstairs. I like to sit in the back of the kids' section where I can (usually) see the kids and they can (usually) see me. It's a nice chance for me to sit and lightly read my new selections.

Why lightly? Because I love to people watch! There is usually plenty going on in the children's area. My favorites are the parents with toddlers. It's fun to watch those little kids - there was a little one today rearranging the chairs at the big table. At first it was funny how fascinating the activity was for her. Then I realized that from her point of view it was probably one of the only times when the chairs were small enough for her to move on her own, without help. When it was time to go she threw a bit of a fuss, so it really must have been fun for her!

Maybe we'll go back tomorrow!

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