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Tuesday, August 22


According to Hack Bend, times they are a changin' on the north side of Bend.

Yeup... a Bend landmark, the Volcano Golf nets are coming down. On a recent trip to Target we confirmed it; the nets are definitely gone.

Big whoop. The big, tall poles (that apparently can be seen from Redmond) are still there.

Better yet? It's been converted into a car lot. A used car lot. They even have some of the cars parked on the fake grass that used to be a driving range.

(Insert bigger whooop here.)

For what it's worth - I preferred the driving range. I am not a golfer but Scott is. It was one of the few places we could go hit golf balls together, and I didn't feel nearly as self conscious as I did at the "proper" driving ranges attached to golf courses.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The driving range was fine, but was there was there really a need for a two story multi level driving range? Hell no, that's why they had the hideous fifty foot net that blocked the mountain views for thousands of Bend residents. Because they wanted it multi level, the fact that the city let that be built in the first place is a sham. Then after the driving range goes out of business in less then two years because everybody boycotted it due to the odious net that was a scar on the landscape of Central Oregon. The city didn't require them to remove or reduce the fifty foot high net, so it sat, and sat and sat for 6 years empty and deprecating making matters worse. The Good ol Boys who let that stand should be given a good wedgies and hung from the 12 fifty foot monstrosity polls by their skivvies.