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Friday, August 25


Yesterday was "Kids Choice" day. The three of them got to pick the activity for the whole day. They chose a trip to Kah-Nee-Ta, to go swimming and have a picnic.

They had a great time. They all love to swim and go down the waterslide; Stinky went on the slide 16 times in a row. I had a good day too... I relaxed in one of the lounge chairs with my book and swam and slid with the kiddos every once in a while. During one my swims I taught Boo to do the crawl stroke. She already swims pretty well but with no real form - she does sort of a combination of the breast stroke & doggy paddle with a good flutter kick. But she picked up the crawl quickly and was pretty proud (as was her mama). She sure got around the pool faster after that! I don't think Butthead ever came out of the water, except when it was time to eat (and Stinky went to get her) and when it was time to go home (and Boo went to get her). She is a little fish.

But my day was overshadowed by the knowledge that it cost $53 just to get us through the door - not to mention gas and the 1 1/2 hours driving (each way). Not that the money really matters... but they really have a racket going on up there.

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