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Tuesday, August 22


Apparently I fell off the blogging wagon. Oops!

We had a busy, often fun weekend. We didn't make it to the munch n movie but we did go to the brew fest. Actually I went twice; on Friday with Scott to drink beer. On Saturday I went with some girl friends and indulged in the blackberry cosmos (Bendistillery had a booth). A visit to Anthony's for just one more drink and some appetizers wrapped up the evening... I highly recommend the crab, artichoke and shrimp dip.

Scott and I went to the Shawn Mullins concert on Sunday and that was a great show. It was a very cool show - just him and one other guy and their guitars (there was a mandolin tossed in there somewhere too). It rained a little but only enough to scare away some old people who didn't look like they enjoyed the music anyways. It has been a very good "concert summer" for us!!

Also on the house front we finally installed all the "bathroom hardware" (tp holders, towel racks, etc.). We continued to caulk every crack, seam and nail on the outside of the house, and put up the bats on three sides of the house. So we accomplished a bit in addition to enjoying ourselves.

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Anonymous said...

You said calk and crack... heheheh